Modern Classical Mechanics

Thomas McCaffree Helliwell and Vatche Sahakian

Cambridge University Press (2021) 704


In this modern and distinctive textbook, Helliwell and Sahakian present classical mechanics as a thriving and contemporary field with strong connections to cutting-edge research topics in physics. Each part of the book concludes with a capstone chapter describing various key topics in quantum mechanics, general relativity, and other areas of modern physics, clearly demonstrating how they relate to advanced classical mechanics, and enabling students to appreciate the central importance of classical mechanics within contemporary fields of research. Numerous and detailed examples are interleaved with theoretical content, illustrating abstract concepts more concretely. Extensive problem sets at the end of each chapter further reinforce students’ understanding of key concepts, and provide opportunities for assessment or self-testing. A detailed online solutions manual and lecture slides accompany the text for instructors. Often a flexible approach is required when teaching advanced classical mechanics, and, to facilitate this, the authors have outlined several paths instructors and students can follow through the book, depending on background knowledge and the length of their course.