Past Physics Clinic ProjectsPage 5

LA-ARB-1: A Magnetotactic Bacterium (2001)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory 2000–01 The Jet Propulsion Laboratory Clinic team investigated various behavior aspects of a novel magnetotactic bacterium, LA-ARB-1.¬† […]

Infrared Interferometer (2000)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1999–00 The Jet Propulsion Laboratory Clinic team constructed a modified Michelson interferometer to combine the light from […]

Innovation for the Next Generation (1999)

Aerojet Engineering Corporation 1998–99 Aerojet’s current Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) orbits the earth, passively measuring the intensity of particular […]

Even Illumination Light Source (1997)

Science Applications International Corporation 1996–97 The team designed and built a system for a massively parallel automated fluorimeter. The source […]