Evaluating Forward-Only-Zero-Hot-Spot PV Technology

Claremont Locally Grown Power

The Claremont Locally Grown Power (CLGP) Clinic Team at Harvey Mudd College is analyzing new photovoltaic technology, invented by idealPV®, to evaluate its efficiency. This report presents a status update for three distinct aspects of the project: (1) a field study evaluating the performance of idealPV’s technology versus the industry standard; (2) a model, based on data taken in the field study, to predict watt-hour production of both types of solar arrays, with inputs of insolation, ambient temperature, system panel architecture, and sun angle; and (3) documenting the conditions and effects of reverse bias on photovoltaic cells. The team has secured a site for the field study and researched the relationship between temperature and power output of a solar cell for the model. Additionally, they have made a rudimentary model using data from PVWatts. The team completed the analysis documenting the effects of reverse bias on a solar cell and delivered their analysis to the liaisons. Sections one through four of this report detail the work that was completed by the team in the Fall of 2017. The last section of the report details project management for the upcoming Spring 2018 semester.

Advisor(s): Thomas D. Donnelly, Richard Campbell Haskell, Peter N. Saeta, and Qimin Yang.

Team: Florence Joan Walsh ’20 and Quentin Barth ’19.