Entropy – 4F10.00

Reversible Fluid Mixing – 4F10.10

Unmixing 4F10.10-1 Unmixing 4F10.10-2 Unmixing 4F10.10-3 Unmixing 4F10.10-4

  • The space between two cylinders is filled with glycerin.
  • Colored glycerin is injected into the glycerin between the cylinders.
  • When the inside cylinder is slowly rotated by means of a crank.
  • The lines of colored glycerin become mixed with the rest of the glycerin.
  • In the direction of the rotation is reversed.
  • The colored glycerin lines reappear by “unmixing” after the same number of rotations in the opposite direction.

Location: Jacobs B122 – Shelf 264