Department of Physics Affirmation of Community Values

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The Department of Physics of Harvey Mudd College seeks to foster a nurturing environment in which all students feel welcome, supported, and encouraged to engage in thoughtful study of the laws of the physical world; welcome to participate in opportunities to develop new knowledge about that world; and to celebrate together each hard-won step on that journey. We hold that a thriving physics community requires that people of all backgrounds and cultures participate, both because talent and curiosity know no boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion; but also because the choices about which problems are most important to investigate are influenced by background, perspective, and interests. Progress will require participation of the best and the brightest, regardless of background, but without proper support, many may seek other paths. Accordingly, we have developed and approved on 23 February 2021 the following Affirmation of the Department of Physics Community Values:

The Harvey Mudd College Physics Department recognizes the value, dignity, and humanity of every member of our community. We strive to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. We commit to building an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and free from racism, bias, and all forms of intimidation, harassment, and discrimination. And we challenge ourselves to pursue educational and scientific excellence that embodies these values.

In recognition of the critical role that students play in establishing this environment, the members of the Department of Physics have established an endowed fund to recognize and celebrate annually that student or those students who have been most successful in forming and nurturing a vibrant, inclusive, and equitable community of physics students. As the endowment of this fund grows, we hope to expand our support to allow us to send students to appropriate conferences, among other opportunities.