Riggs Fellowship Client Impact

Client Impact

The work has been very impactful for the companies we have worked with and, in the process, our students have learned a lot. Table 3 below explains the impact we have made on the companies.

Client Impact

Riggs Fellowship Impact on Companies

The first column “Year” denotes summer of that year, unless specified

As seen, since the inception of Riggs Fellowship in 2015, we have reduced the costs for the companies by 4.16 million dollars on an annual basis. Details in support of these savings are included in the reports provided to clients. In addition, information on the savings is included in the technical briefing given to company management at the end of the project. We believe that the intangible benefits have a bigger value than the tangible benefits. The intangible benefits, such as favorable culture change, continuous improvement, safety improvement, morale improvement, customer satisfaction, employee skill upgrade, and quality improvement are greater benefits to the companies than just the dollar savings.