New Millennium Experiential Learning

The New Millennium Experiential Learning prize was established by Aaron Archer ’98 and Gregory Rae ’00 to engender in the participating students a significant and deep commitment to a lifetime of service activities.


  • Unpaid or low-paying internship (a total of $1,000 or less)
  • Minimum of 240 hours of supervised work (equivalent of 6 weeks/40 hours/week)
  • Domestic or international companies (small- to medium-sized) or non-profit organizations

Examples of internships

University of Michigan Department of Pharmacology

The mission of the University of Michigan Health Sciences is multifaceted. It focuses on furthering medicine through primary research, translational research, and hands-on care. For decades, the University of Michigan has been a leader in advancing and revolutionizing medical care for people in all walks of life.