Opportunities to Engage with Community for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in community engagement efforts. The following programs would benefit from faculty participation.

Gateway to Exploring Mathematical Sciences (GEMS):

The Gateway to Exploring Mathematical Sciences program (GEMS) is a once-monthly, Saturday morning workshop designed to get young students excited about math and science. GEMS is designed to reach eighth, ninth and tenth grade students who may have an interest in mathematics or science. The workshops present mathematics and science applications in an exciting way that catches young students’ interest from the surrounding areas. Professors, undergraduates and graduate students from all of the Claremont Colleges take part in the GEMS program, thus offering incoming students, their parents, and teachers a chance to meet and work with excellent and award winning faculty, staff, students and alumni. The GEMS program helps excite the interests and curiosity of young students and shows them how amazing and satisfying the mathematical sciences can be.

Additional information — Gateway to Exploring Mathematical Sciences If you would like to facilitate a GEMS session please contact us, gems@hmc.edu


The Sacred SISTAHS math and science conference is an enriching experience for African American girls ages 12 to 18. A diverse selection of conference speakers will share life experiences that inspired their development, their work and their dreams.

Come be part of this day of opportunity to discover and meet African American women in the fields of math, science and technology. It’s a fantastic way to explore the Harvey Mudd campus, meet some of its faculty members and get inspired to aspire for careers in one of the STEM fields. If you have any questions, send an email to twilliams@hmc.edu.