About Community Engagement

Are you looking to make an impact on your community? We are here to support your effort.

As one of the student support offices within the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Community Engagement works collectively with our campus and the broader community to educate and empower one another to make meaningful contributions to society. We achieve this by facilitating dialogue, sharing expertise and building capacity.

We Seek to Facilitate Dialogue

  • by creating safe spaces for sharing ideas, successes, and challenges
  • by emphasizing and modeling the importance of listening and reflection
  • by fostering and maintaining open communication within and between the campus and the local community

We Seek to Share Expertise

  • by cultivating an inclusive and interactive environment for campus and community members to share knowledge, experiences, and traditions
  • by recognizing campus and community strengths in order to create and achieve
  • by encouraging and promoting the accessibility of shared knowledge for future use

We Seek to Build Capacity

  • by nurturing local talent through training, guidance and support
  • by increasing the long-term sustainability of projects and initiatives
  • by creating and strengthening networks with and between campus and community members and organizations

Harvey Mudd College students will be able to

  • Assess the impact of their actions and societal role on the campus and broader community by:
    • Explaining the benefits and challenges of various models of engagement
    • Describing the community in terms of access to resources; social-economic and educational backgrounds; and historical developments.
    • Identifying how their efforts may affect the autonomy of the broader community.
  • Evaluate how their efforts benefit the community while preventing harm to community autonomy.
  • Build or contribute to an ethical relationship between the campus and the broader community.