Wireless Projection

Service Description

Wireless Projection allows a user to display content from their device, either a laptop or mobile device, to a projection or LCD screen without the use of cables. This allows the user to have the freedom to walk around a room or easily share screen access to other users in the room. As part of CIS’s continuing Wireless projection pilot, AppleTVs and Microsoft WiDi adapters are available in a few select rooms across campus to enable wireless projection. We’ve found that using both of these devices covers the vast majority of users and their devices.

The following rooms currently contain wireless project devices:

AppleTV (compatible with Apple devices):

  • Shanahan 2450
  • Shanahan 2454
  • Caryll Mudd Sprague Private Dining Room (Hoch-Shanahan)

Microsoft WiDi (compatible with Windows and Android devices):

  • Shanahan 2460
  • Janet & Jeffery Mitchell ’79 Private Dining Room (Hoch-Shanahan)

The list is expected to grow, so be sure to check the current list of AV Equipment in the HMC Class/Meeting Rooms page for up-to-date information on equipped rooms.

To use the Wireless Display devices please follow the instructions linked here:


Available to faculty, students, and staff at HMC.

How to Access the Service

To schedule a one-on-one demonstration on how to use the Wireless Projection devices, please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@hmc.edu or 909.607.7777.

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