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The Office of Communications and Marketing (part of the Office of College Advancement) manages the core HMC website (, and is dedicated to promoting the college via the website. To manage the HMC website, communications and marketing uses WordPress and works with department content editors to manage the main HMC website. If you want to place information on the main College website, please start by consulting with your department content editor.

There are several other website hosting options that CIS supports:

  1. If you want a course or project site that is fully supported and puts lots of tools at your disposal, please consider Sakai, which is used Claremont wide. CIS provides full support for Sakai.
  2. If you want an easy to use system for creating websites for clubs, personal interests or other internal material we suggest you use the Google Workplace sites tool on You can limit access to these sites if you wish. CIS fully supports sites on
  3. If you want to provide static html sites without using Google sites, then is an option that we support.
  4. If you want to develop active sites with languages like php, python or ruby on rails, or if you want a personal wordpress blog, then there are myriad hosting options. We recommend Dreamhost for several reasons: It is the hosting service being used for, it was founded by Mudd and CMC alums, and it is very flexible, powerful and reasonably priced. CIS can provide limited support to get you started with Dreamhost if you need it.


Available to faculty, students and staff at HMC.

How to Access the Service

For questions or to request any of the services listed, including services provided by communications and marketing, please email

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