Service Description

Smartboards are interactive whiteboards that allow users to interactively work (e.g., writing, zooming, panning and flicking) on digital content (e.g. slides, PDFs, images, and videos) on the screen using their fingertips and digital markers. Everything written and imported on the whiteboard software can be captured and reused later.

CIS has a SMART Board 8070i which features 70″ HD LCD flat panel display with fully integrated Smartboard technology including surface object tracking cameras and whiteboard software (e.g. Smart Ink and Smart Notebook). It is mounted on a heavy duty mobile cart to accommodate different needs in our technology-rich classrooms. CIS EMS staff works with faculty members on logistics and demos for using the Smartboard in a classroom.


Available to faculty and staff at HMC.

How to Access the Service

To access this service, please contact the Help Desk at or 909.607.7777. You can also contact Elizabeth Hodas from EMS at or 909.607.4583.

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