Service Description

iClickers are a personal response system that can be used for a variety of purposes in the classroom: review sessions, feedback on the pace of the class, etc. The iClickers use a wireless receiver to record student votes. Software on the instructor’s laptop records the votes and can display graphs of the distribution of votes. Students can receive points for participation and/or the correctness of their responses. Grading information can be exported and uploaded into Sakai, for example. See the iClickers website for more information.

CIS has a number of sets of iClickers for use in the classroom and in meetings. Faculty can check out iClickers for the semester or for a single class. CIS also provides training on how to use the iClickers and will also install and configure the software. ARCS can also provide consultations on how to incorporate the iClickers into your syllabus.


Faculty, students and staff at HMC can check out sets of 50 iClickers from the CIS Help Desk, as well as the wireless base stations. For large lecture classes, students may be asked to rent or purchase their own iClickers from Huntley Bookstore, in which case faculty can just check out the wireless base stations they need.

How to Access the Service

CIS will usually send an email to the faculty several weeks before classes start to inquire if they want to use the iClickers in a class. Faculty can also send email to the CIS Help Desk at helpdesk@hmc.edu if they are interested in trying out the iClickers in a class. It’s helpful if faculty can give us the following information when requesting the iClickers and/or wireless base stations:

  • Course name and number
  • When does class meet?
  • Where does class meet?
  • How many students are in the class?

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