Category: "Central IT"

Networking Services transfer to TCC IT

November 15, 2017, by Joseph Vaughan

CUC’s TCC IT Infrastructure Services has  been building a strong team and is taking steps toward appropriate centralization of networking services.  On January 17, 2017 HMC officially handed responsibility for the CINE service to CUC.  The CINE service provides connectivity between the colleges and beyond the colleges to our Internet Service Providers.   The hand off […]

The changing landscape of IT at the Claremont Colleges

January 23, 2017, by Joseph Vaughan

You have probably noticed some signs of it: the landscape of Information Technology at the Claremont Colleges has begun to change significantly. In this article, I will remind you of some of the initiatives that have started or will start in the near future and try to give an idea of their potential impact. The […]