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2016 Year in Review

The CIS department at HMC has spearheaded many initiatives that have made meaningful changes for faculty, staff, and students across […]

Goodbye Majordomo

We are rounding the final bend in our journey to decommission the old Majordomo mailing list system and move lists […]

New Faces at CIS

As you may have noticed, our department has seen changes in the past few months. After four years of great […]

Goodbye Majordomo

It is going to be a long farewell, but by now you should all be aware that we are transitioning […]

Moving Cores

Over the last few years, we have been improving the network infrastructure on the HMC campus, at the CINE core […]

Amazon Educate

Amazon recently announced a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate program.  It is designed to let you learn to use […]