We are disabling SMS text and calls in Duo

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In July we notified the campus of our plans to disable SMS text and call options for Duo, our two factor authentication system.  A copy of that message is below.   We are doing this because SMS text and call options are less secure than using the mobile app or a hardware token, and that situation has worsened over time. “Kits” are now readily available to cyber criminals that allow them to hijack your phone number.

After Tuesday October 10, 2023 SMS and call authentication will not work for Duo.  Please take action now and either install the mobile app on your phone or contact the Help Desk to obtain a hardware token. (see instructions in the message below).

We recognize that changes like this can be inconvenient and disruptive but we all have to work to protect our own data as well as HMC’s data. 

Please download and set up the Duo mobile app before the October 10 deadline.

Here are instructions to set up the Duo Mobile app at HMC:

Please follow this guide alongside the information below to help set up the Duo Mobile app for HMC: https://guide.duo.com/universal-prompt#add-or-manage-devices

  • To reach a Duo login screen, go to https://identity.hmc.edu/ and log in with your HMC credentials. You will see the Duo prompt screen on the next page.
  • When you reach the step where you see your devices, select Add a device. Then, enter the phone number of your smartphone. If it is the same number as what you already use for Duo, please enter the same number.
  • In the section that says Select an option, select Duo Mobile. Duo will prompt you to download and install Duo Mobile on your phone or tablet from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions to enroll or re-enroll your device with the Duo Mobile app (it should give you a QR code to scan with your phone). Then, try logging in with the Duo Mobile app. The app will provide a short demo on how to use it.

If you are unable to install the mobile app, please contact the CIS Help Desk (helpdesk@hmc.edu or call 909 607 7777)