Microsoft Office 365 for Students and Faculty

September 17, 2020, by Joseph Vaughan

With our transition to RapidIdentity, we have enabled Office 365 accounts for faculty and students, in addition to staff. This will allow faculty and students to take full advantage of our Office 365 licensing, including the Office 365 App Suite and services like OneDrive (file storage) and Microsoft Teams (collaboration and video conferencing). 

Starting with the Fall 2020 semester, all faculty and students are now able to login to to access web, desktop, and mobile applications for which HMC is licensed. These applications include Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Teams and others. Faculty and students will be able to use their accounts to install applications available on either desktop or mobile platforms on up to 5 devices at once.

When a new Office 365 account is created for a faculty member or student, RapidIdentity will automatically perform a one-time action to forward mail delivered to their Office 365 inbox to their respective HMC G Suite account. This allows us to create these accounts without disrupting the existing arrangement which delivers HMC mail to the G Suite accounts of faculty and students. This is a one-time action, so if you wanted to have your mail arrive in Office 365 or change the forwarding, you could login to Office 365 and do so. Your changes would be respected by the provisioning system. 

We believe that this increased access to a slew of Microsoft applications will be valuable to many and hope you agree.