Clinic and Research

We believe our students best learn science and engineering through actual practice—working to solve real-world problems and conducting high-level research. Our innovative curriculum incorporates experiential learning from the beginning and offers our students hands-on laboratory and field experience usually reserved for graduate students.

Clinic Program

The Clinic Program engages teams of juniors and seniors in the solution of real-world, technical problems for industrial clients such as Boeing, Raytheon, Warner Brothers and Microsoft. Student teams work on current problems that the company or agency needs solved; engaging in an open-ended challenge and often providing a solution that results in a patent for the company. Harvey Mudd has Clinic Programs in engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science, and Global Clinic.


Students at Harvey Mudd pursue high-level research side by side with our stellar faculty, and present projects jointly at professional scientific conferences and in peer-reviewed journals. Students and faculty are frequently honored for their collaborative work with distinguished national awards. Our a 9:1 student-faculty ratio and $3 million in annual funding set aside for research ensure that students can take advantage of the ample research opportunities throughout the academic year and during the summer Undergraduate Research Program.

Community Engagement

Harvey Mudd’s extensive community engagement opportunities—woven into designated courses and extracurricular opportunities–offer valuable experiential learning to students interested in gaining insight and practical knowledge through community work. Students team with local elementary and high school students to work on projects in computer science, math, engineering and chemistry; partner with local community organizations on service projects; and tutor local middle and high school students over the phone with Homework Hotline.