Mutual Care Within the HMC Community

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Dear Harvey Mudd College Community,

As we witness heart-wrenching coverage of the ongoing violence and bloodshed in the Middle East, we are also aware of news accounts of heated exchanges among and threats against students on some U.S. campuses.

I write to assure you that we are committed to the safety and well-being of our students and campus community members and to nurturing and providing an environment where all feel welcome and a sense of belonging. We are a community that shares many different perspectives and varied life experiences. We are a community that values each other. We want all members of the HMC community to be able to express their political and religious convictions without fear of harm or retaliation and in an atmosphere of mutual care and respect.

This is a time when, as an educational community, we must be clear in our commitment to civil discourse and in our rejection of any actions that would intimidate or endanger students at our colleges and universities. As outlined in the 7-C Policy on Demonstrations at The Claremont Colleges, Harvey Mudd College respects the rights of free speech and peaceable assembly and supports their exercise.

For those who may feel anxious or concerned amid these global and national events, especially students, please do not hesitate to connect with someone who can help. You can contact MCAPS (909.621.8202), reach out to 7C.Health or talk to a member of the Chaplains Office or staff in DSA. MCAPS can meet with specific groups of students for support sessions. To request an MCAPS facilitator for your group, please complete the following form here. Faculty and staff members can speak with colleagues, a supervisor, our Human Resources staff, or anonymously to someone through our Optum Employee Assistance Program, who can connect you with resources. 

Additionally, at the Chaplains Office (McAlister Center), faculty, staff and students are invited to join the Chaplains’ Tea event on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. during November. This is an interfaith safe space to gather, process and heal.

I reiterate that Harvey Mudd College condemns all hatred and violence. In alignment with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, we are focused on providing all students with “a school environment free from discrimination based on race, color, or national origin, including shared ancestry or ethnic characteristics. Hate-based discrimination, including that based on antisemitism and Islamophobia among other bases, have no place in our nation’s schools.” Students, faculty and staff should report any incidents of bias or hate crimes at Harvey Mudd College immediately to Campus Safety

It is my hope that our own shared humanity will continue to serve as a guidepost and a resource as we learn, teach, share ideas and navigate these troubled and troubling times.


Harriet B. Nembhard

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

James Bean ’77, Chair, Board of Trustees

Thyra Briggs, Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid and Lead, Task Force on College Affordability

Jim Boerkoel, Csilla and Walt Foley Endowed Professor in Computer Science, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Chair, Department of Computer Science

Pat Copeland P’27, Member, Board of Trustees

Matina Donaldson-Matasci, Associate Professor of Biology

Tom Donnelly, Vice President for Academic Affairs and R. Michael Shanahan Dean of the Faculty

Erika Dyson, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Willard W. Keith, Jr., Fellow in the Humanities

Kathy French ’97, President, Alumni Association Board of Governors (AABOG)

Sharon Gerbode, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Physics

Jennifer Green, Executive Director, Alumni and Parent Relations

Lelia Hawkins, Director of the Hixon Center and Hixon Professor of Climate Studies

Cindy Martinez, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Susan Martonosi, Chair of the Faculty and Professor of Mathematics

Cole Nagata ’24, Class of 2024 Co-president and student representative

Harriet B. Nembhard, President, Chair of the Steering Committee

Laura Palucki Blake, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Gregory Rae ’00, Member, Board of Trustees

Chris Ranlett ’24, student representative

Steven Santana ’06, Iris and Howard Critchell Assistant Professor of Engineering and Director, Engineering Clinic

Michael Schubmehl ’02, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees

Jessica Skon, Member, Board of Trustees

Imagining Harvey Mudd Working Group

Colleen Coxe, Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Research and Projects

Bruce DePriester ’74, Member, Board of Trustees

Sharon Gerbode, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Physics

Stephanie Graham, Acting Chief Communications Officer

Karl Haushalter, Seeley Wintersmith Mudd Professor of Chemistry and Biology and Chair, Department of Chemistry

Haydee Lindo, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Julie Medero, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Associate Chair, Department of Computer Science

Steven Santana ’06, Iris and Howard Critchell Assistant Professor of Engineering and Director, Engineering Clinic

Kim Stafford, Assistant Vice President for Development

Kathy Van Heuvelen, R. Michael Shanahan Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of the Faculty

Academic Vision Working Group

Mark Ashley, Registrar and Assistant Vice President for Student Information Management

Spencer Brucks, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Rob Gould ’87, Member, Board of Trustees

Vivien Hamilton, Associate Professor of the History of Science

Nancy Lape, James Howard Kindelberger Professor in Engineering and Chair, Department of Engineering

Theresa Lynn, Bruce and Susan Worster Professor of Physics and Chair, Department of Physics

Cindy Martinez, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Drew Price, Machine Shop Manager

Danae Schulz, Associate Professor of Biology

Talithia Williams, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Director, Mathematics Clinic

Student Experience Working Group

Art Benjamin, Smallwood Family Professor of Mathematics

Angie Covarrubias Aguilar, Program Director, Upward Bound

Kathy French ’97, President, Alumni Association Board of Governors (AABOG)

Michelle Harrison, Associate Dean for Health and Wellness

Aye Htut-Rosales, Associate Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Fred Leicter, Clinical Professor of Engineering and Executive Director, Rick and Susan Sontag Center for Collaborative Creativity (The Hive)

Kim Nykanen, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Chris Sundberg, Associate Dean for Students and Director of Campus Life

Kayleah Tsai ’24, ASHMC President, student representative

Adele Vuong, Senior Administrator for Business Affairs & Risk Management and Acting Director for Human Resources