100 Days of Community Connections

President Nembhard poses with students

The Heart of Mudd

A community that cares deeply

Our commitment to fostering meaningful connections within this community is palpable, and it’s evident in every facet of our campus life. In our meetings and shared events, I appreciate everyone’s participation and your candid comments. The pulse of our campus is remarkably positive, filled with excitement, enthusiasm and curiosity. However, we’re also attuned to the challenges, among them work overload, stress and managing priorities.

By the Numbers

During my first 100 days, I invited the Harvey Mudd College community to meet with me to share thoughts on how the College can continue to accelerate its success in a rapidly changing world. My goal was to get to know you better and to create opportunities for you to get to know me as well. I did this through a combination of individual and group meetings as well as through The Mudd Minute videos, social media posts and an online suggestion form. I want to thank you all again for sharing your thoughts and suggestions with me and for helping me feel so welcome. 

  • 105+Meetings and Events
  • 1,390+Participants
  • 51,595People Reached by Social Media
  • 2,496Comments and Interactions
  • 2,190Community Connections Page Views
  • 187Suggestions Via Online Form