HMC Expert: Susan Martonosi

Applied Probability, Aviation Security, Homeland Security, Humanitarian Logistics, Mathematics, Operations Research, Terrorist Network Disruption

Susan Martonosi, PhD, Joseph B. Platt Associate Professor of Mathematics and director of the Harvey Mudd College Global Clinic Program, focuses her research on the application of operations research models and methodology to problems in the public sector, including homeland security, humanitarian logistics, and public policy. Her work has included probabilistic models to guide aviation security policy related to passenger and cargo screening and shipping container screening policy; game theory, social networks analysis and graph theory to solve problems in resource allocation and terrorist network disruption; epidemiological techniques coupled with optimization models for the efficient allocation of interventions against malaria; and game theory models for negotiating pediatric vaccine prices in the public sector.

Martonosi has conducted research with the RAND Corporation, examining the feasibility of screening options for shipping containers at US ports. She also served as a high school mathematics teacher with the Peace Corps in the Republic of Guinea.

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Judy Augsburger

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