Harvey Mudd College Welcomes Class of 2020

This fall, Harvey Mudd College welcomes 217 exceptional students into the incoming Class of 2020.

The College is continuing its efforts to build a more diverse community, recognizing that such a community strengthens the education and experience for all students. The diversity of the Class of 2020 is a reflection of this ongoing commitment.

The entering class is 22.5 percent Latino/Latina, 20 percent Asian, 10 percent students who identify as multiracial, 4 percent African or African-American and 1.5 percent Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. First-generation students make up 13 percent of the class. Women comprise 45 percent, one of the highest gender ratios of any science- and engineering-focused institution.

“While it is hard not to be impressed by the strength of the Class of 2020 in regard to their statistics and achievements, we are most impressed by who they are as individuals,” says Thyra Briggs, vice president of admission and financial aid. “They demonstrated to us that they are drawn to HMC’s balance of STEM and humanities, social sciences and the arts. It is also clear that they are seeking the kind of supportive community and rigor that HMC provides. Each will add an important voice to the campus.”

Members of this talented incoming class include: a student who has a patent pending; a nationally ranked bridge player; a national powerlifting champion; a student who ran a free programming camp for low-income, middle-school students, and one who worked on developing a braille keyboard for Android. Forty-two percent of Harvey Mudd’s first years play an instrument or sing.

In terms of geographic distribution, students come from 32 states as well as 11 countries outside the United States: Canada, China, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Rwanda, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.