Orientation Directors

As your Orientation Directors this year, it is our job to plan orientation and keep you informed throughout the summer. Feel free to reach out to orientationadventures@g.hmc.edu if you have any questions.

Zeneve Jacotin '24

Zeneve Jacotin ’24

2023 Orientation DirectorLinde Residence Hall President

Hi! My name is Zeneve Jacotin (pronounced z’nehv) and I am an incoming senior engineering major from Ridgecrest, California, concentrating in art! On campus, I am a machine shop proctor and have previously been a Makerspace steward. When I’m not studying, I love to watch movies with friends, play video games, go to the beach, eat interesting foods, and experiment with fashion! As a sophomore, I was a Linde mentor and I am now serving in my second year as an orientation director. I am super excited to meet you all and introduce you to the wonderful community at Mudd!

Kasey Chung '25

Kasey Chung ’25

2023 Orientation DirectorMentor for Linde Residence Hall

Hi everyone! My name is Kasey and I’m a rising junior from Los Angeles, California. I’m a joint Chem/Bio major and I’m concentrating in either Sociology or Economics, I have not decided. On campus, I participate in chemistry research, I’m a sponsor for APISPAM, and I’m also a tour guide! When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, playing basketball and volleyball and cooking meals with my friends. I was a Linde dorm mentor last year, and I am excited to continue serving in that role in addition to being one of your ODs. I am so excited to meet all of you and I’m looking forward to making your orientation experience amazing!

Henry Hammer '24

Henry Hammer ’24

2023 Orientation DirectorASHMC Senate Chair

Hi all! I’m Henry Hammer, a senior majoring in Math and Computer Science from northern Virginia. Outside of classes this past year I was a Mentor and Dorm Jock at South dorm, Honor Board representative, Treasurer for ASHMC (HMC’s student government) and Spikeball Club President. Next year I will be ASHMC Senate Chair (co-president) and am super excited to be one of the Orientation Directors! Outside of school I love to play card, board, and video games, throw a frisbee outside South, and make sushi in my dorm room. I can’t wait to meet all of you at Orientation!