Banks and Personal Finance

Banks and Finances

To handle financial matters in the most convenient way, it is probably best if students open checking accounts at banks providing automatic teller machine (ATM) service. There is only one ATM (Bank of America) on the campuses, in the Smith Campus Center (SCC), Pomona College. Pacific Western ATMs are also fairly close, and there are several banks located in the Claremont Village. Bank of America, however, has ATMs most everywhere you may travel.

The following is a list of the banks closest (one-mile radius or about a 20-minute walk) to Harvey Mudd, along with the cheapest checking account that can be opened by students.

Bank Account Type Check Fees and Printing Minimum Balance Minimum Opening Deposit ATMs in Claremont ATM Fees
Pacific Western
223 W. Foothill Blvd.
0.4 miles from Platt Center
Free checking 20 a month free, after $0.30 per check written $500 daily or $1,500 monthly $50 One $0 at any ATM with Visa/MasterCard, Cirrus, Maestro, Instant Teller, Exchange or Star symbol; $1.25 otherwise
US Bank
393 W. Foothill Blvd.
0.5 miles from Platt Center
Free checking $21.25 for 150; first order free if account is opened online No minimum $25 Two $0 at PFF/USB; $2 for non-PFF/USB (first 4 transactions are free)
Bank of America
339 Yale Ave. (Claremont Village)
0.8 miles from Platt Center
Free checking 150 for $17 No minimum $25 Eight (24 hr. ATM located at the SCC) $0 at BofA; $2.50 for non-BofA
400 N. Indian Hill Blvd. (Claremont Village)
0.8 miles from Platt Center
Free checking 120 for $18.95 No minimum $25 One $0 at Chase; $2 for non-Chase
Wells Fargo
203 Yale Ave. (Claremont Village)
0.9 miles from Platt Center
Free checking 150 for $17.26; online banking is free No minimum $100 Three $0 at WF; $2.50 for withdrawal, $2 otherwise at non-WF
California Bank and Trust
102 N. Yale Ave. (Claremont Village)
0.9 miles from Platt Center
Checking $4/month,
8 checks free, $0.75/check after
Checks: $17.80 for 150 No minimum $100 One $0 at CBT; $1 for non-CBT
First City Credit Union
250 W. First Street (Claremont Village)
1.1 miles from Platt Center
Free checking First 50 free; $13.63 for 150 No minimum $10 Three $0 at FC; non-FC, 6 free per month at other credit unions, $1.50 thereafter and at non-credit unions


Students normally spend $80–100 per month on living expenses (laundry, movies, snacks, toiletries). Also, if bringing a car, there is a $20 per semester registration fee (bring proof of insurance as well). There are no charges for library cards, computer accounts or routine computer print-outs.


Work-study is often part of a student’s financial aid package. New students are offered work-study for the first semester. For the best options, look for a job as soon as you arrive on campus. Career Services, the Division of Student Affairs, Office of Admission, or Computing and Information Services may offer suggestions about where to find a job. Paychecks for student workers are distributed every two weeks.