Marks Residence Hall (completed in 1968), more commonly known as South, was the last inner hall to be built. It’s actually the northernmost residence hall out of the four inner halls, but got the name to complete the set of cardinal directions. South has mostly suites of three to four singles, in addition to four doubles traditionally reserved for first years. 

South is neither a quiet or loud dorm and often serves as the perfect home for students who want a little taste of everything. Southies can be found sitting at the courtyard picnic tables or hammocking from the trees. South often hosts events for their residents including karaoke nights, dorm picnics, jackbox nights, and watching movies outside with their projector. The lounge is a hub for the dorm complete with a kitchen, piano, couches, a beanbag, a computer (lovingly named Chet Jr.), and a fun dorm poll. And nobody can miss the giant chess set in the courtyard or the tire swing in the courtyard!

2022-2023 Student Leaders


  • Eric Corona


  • Henry Hammer
  • Norah Pack
  • Ben Hartley