Residential Life Learning Outcomes

Residential life has adopted the following learning outcomes for students:

Students will engage in a diverse and complex community with individual and social responsibility.

  • Students will be able to recall the individuals they should contact in case of an emergency. 
  • Students will be able to articulate at least one way in which living in the residence halls has supported them in their inter and intrapersonal competence.
  • Students will be prompted to engage in intellectual exchange and to practice effective and civil communication skills in various contexts.

Students will learn to explore their personal identities and form an understanding of self in relation to others.

  • Students will be able to describe at least two ways in which they promote diversity in their community.
  • Students will recognize differences in each other and successfully interact within those differences.
  • Students will advocate for members of their community and appropriately challenge irresponsible, unjust, or uncivil behavior.

Students will contribute to the development of their community aligned with the values espoused in the Honor Code.

  • Students will understand the context and impact of their actions on the lives of others while also observing standards of conduct within the community.
  • Students will practice behaviors that promote personal responsibility, wellness, and reduce risks for themselves and their community.
  • Students will practice behaviors that promote honesty and integrity and will be encouraged to act consistent with those values.