Officially named Mildred E. Mudd Hall (completed in 1957), East is the oldest of the residence halls at Mudd. Like the other inner residence halls, the hall is arranged in suites—two rooms connected by a bathroom. 

East is one of the more quiet, quirky, and nerdy dorms on campus. While significantly quieter than its neighbor to the North, East does experience quite a bit of noise pollution due to the parabolic disc shape of the inner dorms. Easties abide by one general rule: to have fun! The residents of East form a tight-knit yet open community and often host events such as game nights (board games, party games, video games, or TTRPGs), Funball, and weekly Friday Morning Movie. East culture is also kept alive by the vibrant email group and discord channel. 

2022-2023 Student Leaders


  • Katie Johnson


  • Kai Rajesh
  • Jessica Lin
  • Josie Nelson
  • Cevi Bainton