The Wayne ’73 and Julie Drinkward Residence Hall (completed in 2015) is the newest residence hall on campus, with three floors and 131 student bed spaces. It is the largest and tallest hall on campus. Drinkward has suites and halls (or “Os,” as they are called). Suites house two to three singles and a triple, and each has its own kitchen. Os have a mix of singles, doubles and triples. Drinkward has four lounges, with the largest main lounge containing a kitchen.

Drinwkard tends to have a quieter living community and doesn’t have a strong culture, giving students the opportunity for Drinkwardigans to branch out and get to know the people and culture of other dorms. This dorm is also home of the Living Learning Community, commonly known as the LLC, which is a group of Mudders who host various social justice events for all HMC students (and often involves food or boba!).

2022-2023 Student Leaders


  • Amy Tam
  • Sidney Chenevert


  • Shreya Balaji
  • Avani Anne
  • Kishore Rajesh
  • Serena Mao
  • Emma Zhang