J.L. Atwood Residence Hall (completed in 1981) is one of tallest residence halls, towering over most with three floors. Atwood has suites, doubles and triples, with some of the doubles having a partial kitchen. All of the rooms have private balconies as well. Atwood is considered a loud dorm, but tends to be quieter on its second floor.

Although Atwood is a dorm known for its suite culture, that doesn’t mean Atwood-ians don’t have a strong pride for their dorm! While it’s easy to make friends with people in your own class, Atwood facilitates an intra-year community that leads itself to great social events, traditions, and advice being passed along! Marked by its signature tree in the courtyard, Atwood has both outdoor and indoor social gathering areas. Residents tend to gather in the storage-room-turned-dorm-lounge on the third floor and courtyard for activities. Each floor has a distinctive personality, with most of the legacy suites on the first or third floor. Atwood has many traditions such as barbecues on the weekends, eating together in the Aviation room on Hoch holidays, One Album Thursdays, and many more.


2022-2023 Student Leaders


  • George Wang
  • Albany Blackburn


  • Ava Fascetti
  • Nile Phillips
  • Saya Kim-Suzuki
  • Marina Ring
  • David Chen