HMC INQ and Harvey’s Angels


Josh Jones
Josh Jones ’98, Founder of HMC INQ and Harvey’s Angels

HMC INQ, is the Harvey Mudd College startup incubator founded by Josh Jones ’98 and Professor Emeritus Gary Evans. It is a 10-week intensive startup program based in Santa Monica, California, that is only open to startups that include graduates from Harvey Mudd College.

Admitted startups receive $120,000, office space during the program, ongoing guidance from mentors, tons of legal and cloud services credit, invaluable peer support and weekly dinners with fantastic guest speakers. The program includes a Demo Day, which offers start-ups the opportunity to pitch their companies to funders and alumni.

Harvey’s Angels

Harvey Mudd College also has its own alumni network of angel investors, investing $250K–$10M+ into later-stage, Mudd-related companies! Learn more and apply to join at Harvey’s Angels.