Summer Institute

What is Summer Institute?

Summer Institute (SI) is a one-week program that prepares students for the transformative first year of college and provides students with additional time to get acclimated to campus through the following experiences:

Academic Preparation: Engage in mock courses and working groups that will provide a preview of college-level coursework.

Skill-Building Workshops: Participate in workshops focused on study skills, time management, effective communication, personal boundaries and leadership; all essential for success at Harvey Mudd. 

Community Building: Connect with incoming and current students, SI peer mentors, and key HMC staff/faculty who can provide guidance and support throughout the college journey. Interact with faculty during mock office hours and lunch with professors.

Social Activities: Enjoy a variety of social and small group events that encourage camaraderie, identity development, relationship-building and belonging on campus.

Wellness Practices: Begin incorporating HMC’s Ten Dimensions of Wellness to develop habits of self-care as a college student.

Year-long Support: SI scholars will have a SI peer mentor that will be part of their support network during their entire first year of college. Additional workshops and check-in events  will also be available throughout the year to stay connected to resources and support. 

Program Objectives

  • Students will learn how to navigate college resources, connect with faculty members and become familiar with key spaces on campus.
  • Students will prepare for their first year at Harvey Mudd College by practicing the use of various strategies to stay organized, study effectively and incorporate self-care into their daily routines.
  • Students will gain a better understanding of the academic pace and rigor of the CORE courses by participating in mock courses, office hours and working groups.
  • Students will participate in workshops designed to practice leadership and soft skills that are needed to effectively work in teams.
  • Students will begin building community with their peers and other members of Harvey Mudd through social and small group settings.
  • Students will have continued support throughout their first year through their mentorship groups, tailored workshops and community-building activities.

Summer Institute is free for participants and includes:

  • Housing (Early arrival to their assigned dorm room for the 2024-2025 academic year)
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Program t-shirt


Students will move-in to their dorms on Thursday, August 15th and the program will commence with a Welcome Dinner that evening. Official programming will take place between Friday, August 16th and will conclude on Thursday, August 22nd with a breakfast. Participants will then be required to participate in the Harvey Mudd New Student Orientation activities which begin Thursday, August 22nd.


*Sessions are being confirmed and this schedule is subject to change. Students will receive a detailed scheduled prior to the program start date.

Time Session 
10 am- 12 pmCheck-in
12 pm- 5 pmMove-in/settle-in
5:00 pm Welcome Dinner 
6:00  pmVision Board and Goal-Setting
Thursday, August 15th
Time Session
9:00 am  Breakfast 
10:00 am Welcome and Introduction to Division of Student Affairs Team 
11:00 am Breakout session: Meet with SI Peer Mentors 
12:00 pm Lunch with Division of Student Affairs Team 
1:00 pmCampus Tours w/ peer mentors + Meet and Greet with Support Staff
2-4 pm Breakout Session with SI Peer Mentors  
4:00 pmBreak
5:00 pmDinner and Ice Cream Social with New International Students and peer mentors
Friday, August 16th
Time Session
8:15 am  Breakfast 
9:00 am Community Building: Ropes Course  
12:00 pm Lunch  
1:00 pmBreakout Session with Peer Mentor Groups
3 pm  Explore Claremont + Shopping Run  
5:00 pmDinner in the Claremont Village 
6:00 pmMovie Night at the Claremont Village
Saturday, August 17th 
Time Session
11:00 am  Brunch 
12:00 pm Exploring Identity + Intersectionality Workshop  
1:00 pm Peer Mentor Panel: Acknowledging and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
2:00 pm How to HMC, Part 1
3:30 pmHow to HMC, Part 2
5:00 pmDinner 
6:00 pm  Trivia + Game Night 
Sunday, August 17th 
Time Session 
8:00 am  Breakfast 
8:30 amAcademic Sessions: Math and HSA
12:00 pmLunch with Professors 
1:00 pm  Introduction to Research
2:30 pmAcademic Tips and Tricks Workshop
5:00 pmDinner 
6:00 pmPaint and Sip Boba Night 
Monday, August 19th 
Time Session
8:00 am  Breakfast 
8:30 am Academic Sessions w/ Physics and Engineering Departments 
12:00 pmLunch with Professors
1:00 pm  StrengthsFinder Workshop 
2:00 pmEffective Communication Workshop 
4:00 pmWellness Workshop (OHW)
5:00 pmDinner 
6:00 pmSelf-Care Activity w/ mentors
Tuesday, August 20th 
Time Session
8:00 am  Breakfast 
8:30 amAcademic Sessions w/ Chemistry and Computer Science Departments
12:00 pmLunch with Professors
1:00 pm  Google Tools Workshop
2:00 pmEffective Leadership
4:00 pmWellness Workshop 
5:00 pmDinner 
6:00 pmOff-campus Social: Bowling 
Wednesday, August 21st 
Time Session
8:30 am  Farewell and Reflection Breakfast 
10:00 am Check in for HMC Orientation    
Thursday, August 22nd

Expectations and Benefits

Students are expected to move into their dorms on Thursday, August 15. Participation in all of the Summer Institute activities from Thursday, Aug. 15-Thursday, Aug. 22 will be required. Students should also plan on attending one of the virtual “Preparing for SI” meetings offered (dates TBA),  and will also be asked to provide feedback about their experience at the end of the summer program. Additionally, students will have monthly check-in meetings with their SI peer mentors throughout the school year, and occasional workshops and lunch with professors. 

Previous participants say that SI gave them greater confidence in their transition to Harvey Mudd and provided them with a strong, supportive community. Over the years a large number of our SI participants have gone on to assume leadership roles at HMC including, proctors, mentors, student organization leaders, Orientation directors and ASHMC presidents.


First-Year admitted students are invited to apply. The goal of the Summer Institute Program is to support under-represented students in STEM during their transition to college. If you attended an under-resourced high school, are First-Gen, from group(s) traditionally under-represented in math, engineering and science, and/or have not had many opportunities to engage in college prep experiences, you may benefit from the additional time adjusting to the campus and culture at HMC.

Invitations are sent out via email, and students should apply as soon as possible by filling out the Summer Institute Application form found on the HMC Applicant Hub.

Deadline to apply is Wednesday May 29, 2024

Students will be notified by Wednesday, June 5th, 2024.

We will try to accommodate all students that would like to attend, however, space is limited and acceptance into the program is not guaranteed. 

I have more questions. Who may I contact?

Office of Institutional Diversity