Resources for Transgender Students

This is a guide to transitioning at Harvey Mudd College. Below are some resources on coming out as trans*, changing your name at the College, meeting your housing needs at Harvey Mudd, and medical resources in the greater Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas.

Incoming Students

If you are an incoming first-year or transfer student,

You can confirm your Campus First Name and Campus Last Name in the Enrollment Form within the HMC Applicant Hub. If you have already completed your Enrollment form and need to make updates, please email

Student information is transferred from the Office of Admission to the Office of the Registrar on July 31. After July 31, to update your Campus Name please complete the HMC Campus Name Form for Current Students.

What is a campus name: Your “campus name” is the name you wish to be known by on campus. This is the name that will appear on different campus platforms/databases, when applicable. See below for more details.

Legal Name Changes

Legal name is defined as that name verified by a birth certificate, marriage certificate, social security card, passport, driver’s license, state-issued identification card, or court order. Students wishing to change their name in their official academic record from the name of record under which they were admitted to the College must provide the registrar with legal documentation stating their new legal name, such as a court order, current driver’s license with photo, social security card, or resident alien card. Upon receipt and verification of this documentation, the registrar will change the student’s name in the student’s official academic record.

The College will reissue a diploma for a graduate whose name has legally changed. The reissued diploma will carry the date the degree was originally awarded, but official signatures may differ from those on the original document. To request a reissued diploma, see the Harvey Mudd College registrar’s office website. The standard replacement fee in effect at the time of the replacement order will apply.

Lived Name Changes

Students can use a lived name at Harvey Mudd College for most non-legal documents. For most places where a lived name can be used, submitting the name change form with the registrar’s office is sufficient. However, some places must be dealt with separately. Below is a chart to help guide you through the name change process.

Note, if you are an incoming student and it is before July 31 of the year you will be starting your first year at HMC, email admissions to change your lived name. It is beneficial to change your name before July 31 as there will likely be less places that do not yet update to use your lived name.

Student Rights

In the event that the College does not amend a student’s legal name, preferred name, or gender, the student shall have the right to a hearing. If, after the hearing, the College does not amend the record, students have the right to insert a statement in their record with the student’s comments on the contested information, a statement that the student disagrees with the hearing decision, or both. This statement will be disclosed whenever the record to which the statement relates is disclosed. Grievances about this process may be addressed to the Title IX Coordinator (insert email).


Harvey Mudd College has gender-neutral housing available. There are single rooms available for first-year students. Please contact Dean Karen Sandoval (, Interim Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life, to find an option that works for you. You may want to consider your roommate situation, whether you would prefer a single, and ultimately, what will make you most comfortable.

What is a campus name?

If you are a current Harvey Mudd student and your legal first name is different from your lived name (the name you go by), you can submit a request to change your record to show your “campus name.” Your “campus name” is the name you wish to be known by on campus.

Harvey Mudd College supports the use of Campus Names for students while maintaining the official, legal name required for academic records and data integrity. Current students may elect to have a Campus Name recorded (first and last name only) which will be stored in several data systems Claremont-wide and used as widely as possible where the legal name is not required. To the best of the College’s ability, unless otherwise notified and where possible due to system and legal limitations, Campus Name also will be continuously used by the College and the College will encourage similar usage by the other Claremont Colleges thereafter.

To help guide you in understanding where and how Campus Name can be used please read the information chart below:

System/Application Campus Name Updating Name Process  Department to Contact  Further Information
Campus Name Yes Use the HMC Campus Name Form for Current Students. Registrar

Please allow 2 business days for your request to be processed by the registrar’s office.
Admissions Yes Incoming Students:

You can confirm your Campus First and Last Name in the Enrollment Form within the HMC Applicant Hub.

If you have already completed your Enrollment form and need to make updates, please email

Admissions Student information is transferred from the Office of Admission to the Office of the Registrar on July 31.

After July 31, to update your Campus Name please complete the HMC Campus Name Form for Current Students.

IDs Yes
  1. Use the HMC Campus Name Form for Current Students
  1. After 2 business days, The Connection, which is located in the Honnold Mudd Library (1st floor) to have a new ID printed.
  2. Take your new ID to F&M at Mudd, which is located in the basement level of Platt for your tap access to be updated.
Multiple departments assist with the updated ID process. For questions, email College IDs will display campus names.
Sakai Yes After completing a name change form, please email to request an update to your Sakai profile. CIS and Pomona Emailing CIS Help Desk ( automatically creates a work order ticket so that CIS staff can work on updating your Sakai profile.
Mailroom Yes The mailroom receives names at the beginning of each semester to place on mailboxes.

If you change your name mid-semester please submit the campus name change form and notify the mailroom.


Mail addressed to your legal name typically will be placed in your mailbox.

If you are ever missing mail, you may need to talk with the mailroom staff and ask them to check for mail under your legal name.

Tax Statements No Legal name required. Registrar


Human Resources (HR)

If you have changed your legal name, email the Registrar to provide this information to them as soon as possible.

You also need to email HR prior to January, when W-2s are generated.

Student Accounts Legal Documents No Legal name required. Student Accounts

This includes: tuition payment agreement, W9, IRS statements, Student accounts statements.
Student Accounts Communication Yes Use the change name form through the Office of the Registrar. Student Accounts

Campus name and pronouns are used in communication with students and other HMC offices. Emails to parents/guardians default to legal name unless the parents/guardians have communicated with a different name.
Student accounts refund checks TBD Student Accounts

Transcript No Legal name required. Registrar

Legal name is required. If you change your legal name after graduation, contact the Registrar to update your transcript.
Diploma Yes Contact the Registrar.


Replacement diplomas can be requested by submitting the Replacement Diploma Order Form.
TCCS – Accounts Profile  TBD TBD TBD
Mudd shots TBD
HMC App No, but this should be changed soon. TBD Dean Evetth, Assistant Dean for Campus Life

Currently working with the app company to resolve this issue and allow for name edits.
Writing Center Yes Login to the writing center site and change name through settings. Writing Center – Wendy Menefee-Libey

You must login using the email address used with originally registering, from here you can change the email address used.
Alumni Directory TBD TBD
Intramural sports Yes TBD

Please contact us if you have further questions about specific offices.

Reporting Concerns/Questions

If you have a concern about a deadnaming issue and would like to report it, please fill out the Reporting Deadnaming Issues form. The information collected in this form will be accessible by the Deans in the Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) Deans. As needed, OID will share this information confidentially with the appropriate offices where there are identified issues.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or found that we have missed something in creating this guide, please contact the OID (

Interactions with Faculty and Staff

If you are having issues with a Faculty or Staff member, please reach out to either OID or the QRC to receive guidance in resolving the issue.

Information about Gender Affirming Healthcare

Visit the AETNA insurance information for the 2021–2022 academic year.

Gender affirming treatment is covered by Aetna and can be found on page 15 of the benefits summary document.

Visit a list of in-network surgeons for chest surgery compiled by our SHS.

Additional Resources

Dean Arianna Figueroa (she/her/hers/ella) (, Assistant Dean of Institutional Diversity (OID)

Sharon Chia Claros (she/her/hers) (, Director of the Queer Resource Center of the Claremont Colleges (QRC)