Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 13

Project Department Year
Automatic Collaboration Enhancement Computer Science FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) 2008–09
Management Data Repository for Open Source Network Management Computer Science QUALCOMM Incorporated 2008–09
ODE Toolkit: Deployment of Software to Aid the Teaching and Learning of Ordinary Differential Equations Computer Science/Mathematics Community of Ordinary Differential Equations Educators (CODEE) 2008–09
Development and Characterization of a Real-Time Video Streaming System Computer Science RealNetworks Inc. 2007–08
FLO Analysis Tool (FLOAT) Computer Science QUALCOMM 2007–08
CPU and GPU Based Image Processing for Digital Photographers Computer Science Microsoft Corporation 2007–08
Visualizing Proof Search Computer Science FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) 2007–08
A Web-Based Implementation of a Reservation and Scheduling System for Efficient Per-Seat Pricing for Air Taxi Service Computer Science D4 Networks 2007–08
A Web-Based PDF Management and Organization Solution Computer Science Bluebeam Software Inc. 2007–08
Storage Node Simulation for a Supercomputer Computer Science Sandia National Laboratories 2006–07
Automated Information Acquisition for Incident Research and Situational Awareness Computer Science NC4: The National Center for Crisis and Continuity Coordination 2006–07
3D Interactive Museum Exhibit Computer Science Los Alamos Neutron Science Center Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) 2006–07
Improved Photo-Document Segmentation Computer Science Laserfiche 2006–07
Soft Co-Occurrence Clustering for Natural Language Understanding Computer Science FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) 2006–07
Grid Enabled SOAP Portal Computer Science The Aerospace Corporation 2006–07
GPS IIF Control Segment Computer Simulation of the GPS Ground Network Computer Science The Boeing Company 2005–06
Video Game Interfaces for Power Grid Management Computer Science AREVA T&D Inc. 2005–06
A Grid Enabled Biometric Identification Framework For Video Surveillance Applications Computer Science The Aerospace Corporation 2005–06
Design and Implementation of an Object- Based Filesystem Simulator Computer Science Sandia National Laboratories 2005–06
Faster Disaster News Aggregation and Analysis Computer Science NC4 2005–06
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