Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 14

Project Department Year
Computer-Assisted Document Filing Computer Science Laserfiche 2005–06
Techniques for Visualizing Large Sets of Business Rules Computer Science FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) 2005–06
Grid-Enabling the VISPERS Application Computer Science The Aerospace Corporation 2004–05
Polymerase Chain Reaction Net Software Version 2 Computer Science Applied Biosystems 2004–05
Modeling and Simulation of GPS Computer Science The Boeing Company GPS IIF Control Segment 2004–05
Constrained Optimization in Convex Programming Computer Science FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) 2004–05
Differential Test Coverage Analysis in the Context of the Wine Project Computer Science Google 2004–05
Distributing Search in a Document Database Computer Science Laserfiche 2004–05
Mesh Optimization Algorithms for Parallel Computing with MESQUITE Computer Science Sandia National Laboratories 2004–05
Develop a Prototype Excel Tool for Expert Decision Modeling Computer Science/Mathematics FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) 2003–04
Launch Range Countdown Clocks Computer Science The Aerospace Corporation 2003–04
Network Security Controller Scalability Testing Computer Science Cryptek Inc. 2003–04
Diabetes Data Management Software API Design and Implementation Computer Science Medtronic MiniMed 2003–04
Developing a Personal Digital Transcriber Computer Science CPI Corp. 2003–04
Scanning Documents With Off-the-Shelf Digital Cameras Computer Science Laserfiche 2003–04
Automated Management of Community Websites Computer Science Inc. 2003–04
Anomaly Detection in Health and Status Telemetry Data Computer Science Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems, Space Systems Division 2003–04
Intrusion Detection Using Biological Immune System Techniques Computer Science Raytheon Company and The BioSTAR Group 2003–04
Patient Alignment Through X-Ray Imaging Computer Science/Engineering Optivus Technology Inc. 2003–04
Investigating Artificial Immune Systems Computer Science/Engineering Raytheon Company Summer 2003 2003–04
Past Clinic Projects