Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 12

Project Department Year
Parallelizing and Enriching AtC, a Finite Element Extension for the LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Code Computer Science Sandia National Laboratories 2011–12
Indexing Improvements for the Hive Database System Computer Science Facebook 2010–11
A Virtual Telescope for Global Monitoring of Earth Surface Changes Computer Science CalTech Keck Institute of Space Sciences 2010–11
ODEToolkit Computer Science/Mathematics Community of Ordinary Differential Equations Educators (CODEE) 2010–11
Yelp Crawler Computer Science Yelp Inc. 2010–11
Exploring the Feasibility of 2D Matrix Partitioning Computer Science Sandia National Laboratories 2010–11
3D Social Augmented Reality Computer Science QUALCOMM 2010–11
Quantifying the Elements of Film Piracy Computer Science Paramount Pictures 2010–11
Common Data Services to Support Continental-Scale Ecology Computer Science National Ecological Observatory Network Inc. (NEON) 2010–11
ANP Design-A-Light Assembler Computer Science ANP Lighting 2009–10
Complex Event Processing of SBIRS Data Streams Computer Science The Aerospace Corporation 2009–10
Data Inversion For a New Spectral Imaging Technique Computer Science/Physics Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) 2009–10
Laserfiche Mobile Computer Science Laserfiche 2009–10
Aggregating Web Application User Interaction for Usability Analysis Computer Science Inc. 2009–10
SPARQLy: An RDF Store For Regularly Structured Data Computer Science DreamWorks Animation 2009–10
Building a Domain-Specific Language for Media Publishing Computer Science The Platform for Media 2008–09
Maximizing Yield in the Shopping Cart by Predictive Modeling of Individual User Behavior Computer Science magnify360 2008–09
Building A Replicated Transaction Log Library Computer Science LinkedIn Corporation 2008–09
Auto-Detecting Third-Party Generated Events for Real-Time Personal Website Analytics Computer Science Inc. 2008–09
MySpace Music Recommendation System Computer Science Fox Interactive Media-MySpace 2008–09
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