Past Clinic Projects, Computer Science Page 11

Project Department Year
Automated Candidate Sourcing Computer Science 2012–13
Automatic Fission Track Identification and Analysis in Apatite Crystals Computer Science Apatite to Zircon Inc. 2012–13
Optimizing SSD Performance for OneFS Workloads Computer Science EMC Isilon Storage 2012–13
Mobile Document Image Processing Computer Science Laserfiche 2012–13
An Open-Source System for Malware Detection Computer Science Proofpoint Inc. 2012–13
Augmented Reality Interior Decorator Computer Science QUALCOMM Incorporated 2012–13
GPU Data Compression and Analysis Library Computer Science Quantcast Corporation 2012–13
Development of an Advanced Finite Element Implementation for Atomistic-to-Continuum Modeling Computer Science Sandia National Laboratories 2012–13
A User Interface for VMware’s VProbes Software Computer Science VMware Inc. 2012–13
Interactive Documentation Collaboration System Computer Science Walt Disney Animation Studios 2012–13
Podium: Making Mobile Apps More Social Computer Science Amazon in OC 2012–13
Supercomputer Stress Test Computer Science Los Alamos National Laboratory 2011–12
Stroke Rehabilitation with the Microsoft Surface Computer Science Microsoft Corporation 2011–12
Pose Correction for Automated Facial Recognition Computer Science The MITRE Corporation 2011–12
Automated Record and Playback within Silverlight Applications Computer Science Parasoft Corporation 2011–12
Parallelizing and Enriching AtC, a Finite Element Extension for the LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Code Computer Science Sandia National Laboratories 2011–12
Improving Security for Android Smartphones Computer Science The Aerospace Corporation 2011–12
Automated Characterization of Fission Tracks in Apatite Crystals Computer Science Apatite to Zircon Inc. 2011–12
Quantitative Measurement of Consumer Electronics Recycling Processes Computer Science eRecyclingCorps 2011–12
Rethinking Modern Media Computer Science Intel Corporation: Hillsboro 2011–12
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