Virtual Admitted Student Program

Thank you for joining us for our Virtual ASP!

We recorded Virtual ASP and the Q&A Breakout Rooms. We will process these recordings and hope to make them available as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are the Mudd in a Minute videos we shared during the program.

Update: The Event Recordings are now available.

Mudd in a Minute Videos

Introducing the McGregor Computer Science Center

The Residence Halls

Community Engagement

Places to Eat

Maker Culture + Wheels on Campus

Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Athletics

Art on Campus (dance, music, theater, visual arts)

Life on Campus

Saturday, April 4, 2020, 9am – 12pm PDT

We may not be able to host a traditional Admitted Student Program, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the things that matter and will help you make this important decision!

We can still introduce you to HMC, answer your questions, and help you fall in love with our community. Regardless of your choice at the end of this process, we hope our Virtual Admitted Student Program not only shows you exactly what we have to offer, but also how much you offer our community and Mission. Let’s-a go!

Virtual ASP Schedule
Location Highlight
Curriculum Overview
The Co-curricular Experience
Introduction to the Honor Code
Research Overview
What Mudders Do for Fun
Life After Mudd
Words from an HMC Parent
Q&A Breakout Rooms

Q&A Breakout Rooms

Saturday, April 4, 2020, 11:45am – 1:45pm PDT

Have some questions after Virtual ASP? Join us in our Q&A Breakout Rooms where current students and families, faculty, alumni, and staff will have the answers!

  • Campus Life – This Q&A is now closed
    Q&A with a panel of current students
    Hosted and moderated by Lin Yang ’16, Assistant Director of Admission and Hannah Larson, a current senior and our favorite intern.
  • Family Voices – This Q&A is now closed
    Q&A with a panel of family of current students
    Hosted and moderated by Raissa Diamante, Director of Enrollment Strategies and Operations and Kira Favakeh, a current senior and our favorite intern.
  • Teaching & Learning – This Q&A is now closed
    Q&A with a panel of our amazing faculty
    Hosted and moderated by Thyra Briggs, Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid and Sidd Chandra, a current senior and our favorite intern.
  • Life After Mudd – This Q&A is now closed
    Q&A with a panel of alumni and soon-to-be grads
    Hosted and moderated by Jason Santiago ’07, Associate Director of Admission and Holly Frank, another soon-to-be grad and our favorite intern.
  • General Questions – This Q&A is now closed
    Last and certainly not least, a panel of our very own and very best:
    Peter Osgood, Director of Admission
    Maureen Ruiz-Sundstrom ’10, Associate Director of Admission (habla español)
    Roberto Peña, Assistant Director of Admission (habla español)
    Sol Cruz, current senior and our favorite intern (habla español)

* Yes, they are all our favorite.

Other ways to learn about Harvey Mudd

Regarding COVID-19 and our Admitted Student Program

Recently, President Maria Klawe released a message to the Harvey Mudd Community, updating the college’s response to COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus). As an office, we have been watching the national response and recommendations and have made decisions regarding our visitation policies and upcoming programming.

Effective Tuesday, March 10th, we will be cancelling all campus tours, information sessions, overnights and interviews, and we will be closing our office to the public. We encourage prospective students to learn more about the college through our blogs and our website, and we hope to provide other opportunities to learn about Harvey Mudd through other virtual options.

Given the recommendation to avoid large gatherings of people, we are cancelling the on-campus President’s Scholars and Admitted Students programs.