Welcome, Class of 2027!

Message From the Vice President

Thyra Briggs

Thyra Briggs

Congratulations on your admission to Harvey Mudd College’s Class of 2027! We are excited that you will be joining our community. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you through your applications and cannot wait to get the chance to know you better.

For the admission staff, there’s something amazing about reading early decision applications. We get excited about reading every application, of course, but it’s even more rewarding when we know that if we’re able to admit students, they will enroll. I always tell students that we become very attached to them throughout the application process, so you can only imagine how true that is when we know that we’re your first choice too.

The past few years have reinforced the values HMC has always embraced: collaboration, work with impact, celebrating the value of the humanities, social sciences and the arts; innovation in STEM; the ideal balance of challenge and support.

For now, celebrate your admission and enjoy your well-deserved break. Looking forward, we’d love for you and your family to join our virtual programming coming this spring as well as our in-person, on-campus Admitted Student Program (ASP) on Sunday, April 2, 2023.

In the meantime, introduce yourself to your fellow admitted students via the Class of 2027 Instagram page and Discord and stay tuned for our ED1 Admitted Student Webchat!

HMC is an extraordinary place where students and faculty live in an atmosphere of trust. We believe you will be a tremendous asset to this community and we invite you to join us.

Best wishes,

Thyra Briggs
Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid