Update from the Presidential Search Committee: First-Round Interviews Scheduled

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HMC Community:

The Presidential Search Committee (PSC) has been meeting over summer to discuss the pool of active candidates under consideration for the position.

On August 3rd the PSC met once again to review each candidate’s submitted materials and hear an update from SpencerStuart on each candidate’s strengths and what each would bring to the position. Based on the committee’s assessment of each candidate with respect to the priorities set forth in the prospectus, the PSC invited eight individuals to participate in the first-round interviews.

The first-round interviews will take place later in August. At the conclusion of those interviews, the PSC will advance candidates to the next round for on-campus interviews, to be held during the fall semester. As we have shared previously, although we are not bringing candidates to campus for public presentations or questioning with community members, these on-campus interviews will include members of the campus community beyond the PSC who will meet with the candidates. By broadening the circle of those who will interview the candidates, the PSC hopes to receive additional feedback on each candidate to inform our deliberations.

At the conclusion of the on-campus interviews, the PSC will invite one remaining finalist to campus for a fully public visit with an open presentation and social activities. An online opportunity to submit comments will be available at the conclusion of the visit. After reviewing the visit and input from the community, the PSC will either vote to recommend the apparent choice to the Board of Trustees as the next president, or conclude that we must continue the search.

As always, these are the current plans. Every search has its own personality and plans may need to be modified.


Jim Bean ’77
Chair of the Board of Trustees