Harvey Mudd Announces New Faculty for 2020

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Searches for tenure-track appointments in psychology and mathematics have resulted in the hiring of four teacher/scholars who will bring their expertise to Harvey Mudd College.

Dept. of Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts

Anup GampaAnup Gampa, assistant professor of psychology, focuses on the relationship between an individual’s psychology and, particularly, social movements, racism and capitalism. His research links social movements with a decrease in individuals’ negative implicit attitudes toward marginalized people. His research includes interrogating the relationship between social psychology and capitalism, especially in the way social psychology studies and attempts to fight racism. He’s also investigating the U.S economic system and wealth inequality. He received a PhD in social psychology from the University of Virginia.

Dept. of Mathematics

Jamie HaddockJamie Haddock, assistant professor, received her M.S. and PhD in applied mathematics at UC, Davis. She works in optimization, applied convex geometry and mathematical data science. Haddock was previously a Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) Assistant Professor (postdoc) in the UCLA Mathematics Department. Her appointment at HMC begins next year, on July 1, 2021.

Haydee LindoHaydee Lindo, assistant professor, was an assistant professor of mathematics at Williams College, where she received her B.A. (mathematics and political science). Originally from Jamaica, she earned degrees in mathematics from University of Nebraska, Lincoln, (M.S.) and from the University of Utah (PhD). She is a commutative algebraist with research interests in homological algebra and representation theory.

Heather Zinn-BrooksHeather Zinn Brooks, assistant professor, is an applied mathematician working in complex and nonlinear systems. A graduate of University of Utah (PhD, mathematics), she was a CAM Assistant Professor (postdoc) in the UCLA Mathematics Department. She studies a variety of social and biological systems with mathematical models. Her goal is to create and communicate mathematics in a way that is exciting, relevant and inclusive.