Custom Zoom Backgrounds for Mudders

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Today, Harvey Mudd is relaunching the spring semester by initiating the online delivery of its curriculum. While the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted HMC’s signature side-by-side learning environment, the HMC community has united to ensure the continuity of the academic program.

The College extended Spring Break by one week to allow everyone to transition to online delivery of all courses for the second half of the spring semester. Faculty and staff have been working together to move courses online and have been exploring tools and resources to help them do so.

One of the resources community members have been using is Zoom, a video conferencing service. And, since its backgrounds are customizable, the HMC Communications and Marketing team has created HMC-themed, downloadable images that will help to ease this transition (and save you from having to clean the room!).

Whether you are a student taking an online course, a faculty member delivering course content or a staff member working remotely, we hope these Harvey Mudd images enliven your Zoom meetings and help keep our community connected.

To Download:

  • Right-click on the desired background
  • Select “Save Image As … “
  • Save the image file on your computer where you can easily find it.

Import image into Zoom to use as a background. Make sure to uncheck “mirror my video.”

Zoom instructions

Sprague Center, Harvey Mudd College

Outdoor classroom, Shanahan Center, Harvey Mudd College

Hixon Court, Harvey Mudd College

Platt Campus Center at night, Harvey Mudd College

Shanahan Center and Sprague Center, looking west at night, Harvey Mudd College

Quiet place near Olin, Harvey Mudd College

Interactive periodic table in Rose Hills Foundation General Chemistry Laboratory, Harvey Mudd College; a gift from John Benediktsson ’01 and Rajashree Karwa

Lab experiment, Harvey Mudd College

The Cafe outdoor scene, Harvey Mudd College

Galileo Hall exterior, Harvey Mudd College

The Cafe, Harvey Mudd College

The Cafe, Harvey Mudd College

The Cafe, Harvey Mudd College