Harvey Mudd Class of 2023

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Harvey Mudd College welcomes 224 outstanding students to the incoming class of 2023 this fall.

Members of this class exhibit the collaborative spirit and desire to help others that thrives at Harvey Mudd. In their admission essays, students shared experiences that include organizing a workshop to raise awareness of social issues, developing a new system of student government focused on leadership and community and delivering allergy-friendly deserts to underprivileged seniors. Several students in this exceptional group hold patents or have built apps that impact society in a positive way: one app helps ninth graders find their way to class, another aims to provide feminine hygiene products to women who lack access.

The entering class is 20% Asian, 17% Latinx, 32% White, 4% African-American, 10% international and 10% multiracial. Women comprise 50%, one of the highest gender ratios of any science- and engineering-focused institution.

Students represent 33 states and the District of Columbia and 14 countries. Ten percent of the Class of 2023 are first-generation college students.