Liz Baughman Awarded Henry T. Mudd Prize

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Having worked at Harvey Mudd College for more than half of its existence and with four of its five presidents, Elizabeth Baughman has earned the deserved reputation of being a “walking encyclopedia of HMC history.”

It’s just one of the areas for which she was lauded in the award citation of the 2014 Henry T. Mudd Prize presented at Commencement, May 18.

The Mudd Prize is awarded each year at commencement to a member of the College community whose service to the College and its mission is exemplary. Henry T. Mudd (1913-1990), the son of Harvey S. Mudd, was instrumental in the creation and early development of the college named for his father. He served as a founding trustee and chair of the board for 23 years. And, yes, Baughman had the occasion to meet and work with Henry as well.

Upon receiving the Mudd Prize presented by President Maria Klawe, Baughman remarked, “I have been blessed by being able to work at Harvey Mudd and interact with many members of the HMC community … This is just a wonderful place to be.” Baughman will retire this fall after 36 years at Harvey Mudd.

Baughman was nominated for the award by fellow staff members. Dan Macaluso, vice president for advancement shared in his nomination, “Liz has dedicated herself to Harvey Mudd College for more than three decades and has done so with a deep belief in the College’s mission and values, an undying affection for the people who make up the HMC Community and a tenacious commitment to always leaving the College better than she found it … Her fingerprints are on nearly every element of the advancement office—and across much of the College and the Consortium—because of her intelligence, creativity, collegiality, work ethic and perfectionism. More notable, however, is that she is a woman of exceptionally strong values and extremely high character, which has allowed her to ride the tides of change with grace, humor and optimism, while all along the way being a friend, counselor, mentor and comforter to countless individuals in our office and throughout the HMC community.”

Kelly Barker, coordinator in corporate relations, said, “Liz Baughman is one of those rare people that you hope you have the fortune to know and work with during your career … I would think that anyone who has worked closely with Liz would say that they couldn’t have done their jobs as well without her.”

Following is the text of the citation that was awarded by President Klawe to Baughman:

For her selfless commitment to the mission and excellence of Harvey Mudd College;

For her integrity, dedication, kindness, loyalty, enthusiasm and good humor;

For her love of Harvey Mudd College, its community and the alumni;

For giving unsparingly of her time, energy, knowledge and leadership, many times serving in capacities both official and unofficial as teacher, mentor and friend;

For working relentlessly and tirelessly for Harvey Mudd College, serving under four of the five presidents;

For being a woman admired and respected throughout the Claremont community;

For being the walking encyclopedia of HMC history and knowledge and for assiduously pursuing excellence in data management;

For being a permanent exemplar of the Harvey Mudd College community;

And for being truly one-of-a-kind;

Elizabeth Baughman, senior director of advancement services, is hereby designated the 2014 recipient of the Henry T. Mudd Prize.

Baughman is also the recipient of several service awards given by the Harvey Mudd Alumni Association: the Order of the Wart (2011), Lifetime Achievement Award (2013) and Honorary Alumna (2014).