Students Get Games Feedback from Local Sixth-Graders

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Students from computer science Professor Z Sweedyk’s Games Network class visited a local elementary school Dec. 7 to user test educational games they developed in collaboration with middle school students and teachers.

They shared five games—which taught subjects such as math, science and history through interactive play—with sixth-graders at Armstrong Elementary School in Pomona, Calif. As the games were played, the HMC students received feedback and suggestions on how to improve their games.

“I’ve been personally really interested in game development just from playing games as a kid, and I’m finding that it’s a really fun thing to engage in, this making your own game,” said Jane Hoffswell ’14. “This has been a really great experience for that as well as working with the kids and seeing their reactions to the games we’ve made.”

Funded by a National Science Foundation grant, Games Network is part of an overall effort to advance a software development model that engages both college and middle-school students.

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