HMC Expert: Theresa Lynn

Atomic Physics, Physics, Quantum Communication, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Information Science, Quantum Optics

Theresa Lynn, PhD, specializes in quantum information science. Her research group focuses on quantum communication protocols using photon pairs entangled in polarization and/or spatial mode (orbital angular momentum). Lynn investigates the role of entanglement – a type of correlation that does not exist in classical physics – in providing communication bandwidth and security in protocols including quantum secret sharing. In experimental and theoretical investigations, her lab explores the advantages and limitations of using simple (linear) optical devices for quantum communication with entangled photons.

In addition to her quantum optics research program, Lynn serves on the advisory board for QuarkNet, a national NSF- and DOE-funded program for K-12 teacher professional development and educational outreach in the area of elementary particle physics. She has served as project coordinator for the California HIgh school Cosmic ray ObServatory (CHICOS), a large-scale array of 90 scintillation detectors for observation of ultra-high energy cosmic ray air showers, based at Caltech and located at K-12 schools in the Los Angeles area.

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