New Math and Physics Joint Major

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A joint major in Mathematics and Physics was approved by Harvey Mudd College faculty during fall 2016.

It is the only such major at The Claremont Colleges, and Harvey Mudd is one of few American colleges that offers it.

“The aim of this joint major program is to create a path for students whose interests naturally fall at the boundary but for whom the requirements of a full double major are not attractive,” says Theresa Lynn, chair of the Department of Physics. She and Lisette de Pillis, chair of the Department of Mathematics, headed the committee charged with establishing the new major and a course of study that highlights the intersections between physics and mathematics while preparing an individual with a solid foundation in both physics and mathematics.

Demand for students with backgrounds at the intersection of math and physics is increasing. “Strong backgrounds in these two subjects indicate a combination of quantitative and scientific skills that should be attractive to employers in a variety of areas,” says Lynn.

Harvey Mudd’s other majors are: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Joint Major in Chemistry and Biology, Joint Major in Computer Science and Mathematics, and Joint Major in Mathematical and Computational Biology.