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NSF Supports Physics Research in Quantum Gravity

Vatche Sahakian

Recent research in string theory has spawned a new idea that gravity—which is tightly linked to our perception of space and time—might be an illusion, an approximate framework that is not fundamental. “Instead,” says Harvey Mudd College Professor of Physics Vatche Sahakian, “the way information intertwines in quantum mechanics might underly what we end up […]

Office of Naval Research Clinic Project Combines Physics and Engineering

Jason Gallicchio

Physics professor Jason Gallicchio is the director of a new Clinic project sponsored by the Office of Naval Research. The project, “Survey, geolocation, and precision transmission with airborne software defined radio,” is part engineering, part astrophysics and part experimental physics, and the end goal is a better understanding of dark matter and the formation of […]

Physics Paper Named ‘Editors Suggestion’ in Physical Review B

Nicholas Breznay

Harvey Mudd College Professor of Physics Nicholas Breznay ’02 and student researcher Isaac Zinda ’20 have co-authored a paper “Magnon-spinon dichotomy in the Kitaev hyperhoneycomb β−Li₂IrO₃”, which has been named an “Editor’s Suggestion” in Physical Review B. “In short, we used cutting-edge x-ray techniques to find evidence for never-observed ‘particles’ called magnons and spinons in […]

Harvey Mudd Trustees Approve Spring 2021 Faculty Promotions

Harvey Mudd College Shanahan building

Promotions and tenure appointments for Harvey Mudd College faculty were approved by the board of trustees at its May meeting. Upon discussion and the recommendation of the Academic Affairs Committee, the board unanimously approved the following appointments. Dagan Karp, a mathematics faculty member since 2008, received promotion to full professor. His research focus is algebraic […]

Harvey Mudd Seniors Perform Piano Recitals

Drinkward Recital Hall

Kathryn Chan ’21, Matthew LeMay ’21 and Kewei Zhou ’21 performed solo piano works recorded at home as part of their senior year studies for Harvey Mudd College. The trio are students in Scripps College music professor Gayle Blankenburg’s Piano Studio Recital class. Blankenburg says, “I’m particularly proud of these three. They are all playing […]

Four Harvey Mudd Students Receive 2021 Goldwater Scholarships

The most prestigious national award for undergraduate STEM researchers, the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, has been awarded to four Harvey Mudd College students: Tonatiuh Gonzalez ’22, Jacob Kelber ’23, Hanna Porter ’22 and Anna Soper ’22. The 409 Goldwater Scholars were selected on the basis of academic merit from a field of 1,256 natural science, engineering […]

Harvey Mudd Alumni Association Announces 2021 Outstanding Alumni

HMC seal

As part of its annual awards, the Harvey Mudd College Alumni Association Board of Governors (AABOG) has announced the recipients of the 2021 Outstanding Alumni Award, which recognizes impact on Harvey Mudd College as well as service to society. The board of governors selected seven Outstanding Alumni. Given from alumni to alumni, the award recognizes […]

Sahakian and Helliwell publish Forward-looking Physics Textbook

Modern Classical Mechanics by Thomas Helliwell and Vatche Sahakian

Vatche Sahakian, professor of physics, and Thomas Helliwell, professor and dean emeritus, are co-authors of the book Modern Classical Mechanics published by Cambridge University Press. Modern Classical Mechanics is a forward-looking physics text that shows the deep connections between classical (Lagrangian) mechanics and modern research in theoretical physics. In this textbook, Helliwell and Sahakian present […]

Brian Shuve Named Cottrell Scholar

Brian Shuve, physics professor, Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd physics professor Brian Shuve has been named a 2021 Cottrell Scholar, an award given each year to 25 outstanding teacher-scholars in chemistry, physics and astronomy by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. Cottrell scholars receive $100,000 and join a group of educators and researchers focused on innovative teaching in the sciences. “I’m of […]