Statement on the Executive Order Restricting Immigration

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Many of you have now seen that on Friday, Jan. 27, President Donald Trump issued an executive order that directly impacts immigration to the United States—restricting entry into the country for 90 days for people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen and restricting refugee admission for 120 days.

Late yesterday, a federal judge issued an emergency stay that stated, in effect, that those with valid visas who were in transit to, or arriving in, the U.S. should be allowed to enter the country. This morning, the Department of Homeland Security stated it would continue to enforce all aspects of the order. There are media reports that some officials at airports are continuing to detain people, and there continues to be a great deal of confusion over this unfolding situation.

We understand that this new executive order has caused concern and confusion for a number of people across The Claremont Colleges community. While we continue to monitor this issue, for the time being we suggest that anyone who is a citizen of one of these countries or who has dual citizenship in one of these countries defers traveling abroad—regardless of your current immigration status. There is simply too much confusion around this issue right now, and we want to ensure that all members of our community are protected.

Staff members from International Place (I-Place) have reached out to students who may be impacted by this order and will continue to send updates as more is known about the order’s implementation. Students with questions should contact Director of I-Place Jessica Alampay or Dean of Students Jon Jacobsen for assistance and support. Faculty who may be impacted are encouraged to reach out to Dean of Faculty Jeff Groves or Chair of the Faculty Pat Little. Staff are encouraged to contact Cynthia Beckwith, assistant vice president for human resources.

The Harvey Mudd College community has dedicated itself to achieving unsurpassed excellence and diversity at all levels, and as part of this commitment, we reject discrimination in all forms—including that based on religion or national origin. We believe that only when a diverse group of people are allowed to work together, can we truly address the most important challenges facing today’s society. We stand with members of our community who have been impacted by this executive order and remain committed to helping them through these confusing and challenging times.