Makerspace Stewards

A steward putting wood on the laser cutting bed

What is a steward?

The makerspace stewards are student employees from across the 5Cs who oversee and run the makerspace. They are experienced with the tools and machinery in the makerspace and are there to support peers in their making endeavors and help foster a culture of collaboration and curiosity. A steward’s duties include teaching students and staff how to properly use machinery, checking tools in and out, running workshops, and ensuring that the makerspace remains a safe and welcoming environment.

If you’re interested in becoming a makerspace steward for spring 2024, fill out this form to be notified the next time applications are open.

Steward Hours

The makerspace is officially closed for the remainder of the summer. We plan to be reopening on September 5. Check our Discord for updates!


Over the summer, please reach out to with any questions.