Makerspace Project Showcase

Get Inspired

Makerspace users have created some interesting projects. If you want to know more about these projects, ask the stewards at

Students can apply for $50 of funding per semester for projects worked on in the Makerspace by filling out the Project Funding form.

LED Neon Sign

Gabriel Zwillinger

This sign was made using Led neon strip lights and a piece of acrylic with channels cut for the LEDs in the shape of a Kieth Hearing character. One layer of acrylic has the design cut out and another layer attaches behind to allow the LEDs to sit flat and have a hole for the wires. Each segment of the LED strip is soldered separately to a power distribution board on the back.

Bedazzled Cap

Katheryn Wang

Katheryn made this bedazzled hat after being given the prompt, “Imagine a pink baseball cap and it was bedazzled to say “don’t talk to me I’m coding” or some coding nonsense like that..” She used the embroidery machine to write the words on a piece of fabric, which she then sewed onto the hat and surrounded with rhinestones.

Needle Felted Cookie Monster

Savanna Beans and Cristian Gonzalez

Savanna did the needle felting on Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, and Cristian did the needle felting on the cookie, using the felting needles and polyester filling located in the makerspace.

Embroidery Harvey Mudd Logo

Steward Team

Stewards tested the embroidery machines located in the tool checkout room by re-creating a Harvey Mudd College logo.

Gear Fidget

Felix Murphy

This gear fidget was made using the filament 3D printers, which spin radially—a pretty satisfying process!


Felix Murphy

The embroidery machines are able to take in custom designs from all users, so this design was made using white thread and dense fabric.